Casual Administrative Support Positions

Casual Employee
Negotiable AU Location
40.26  Hourly
16.58  Hourly
Division Casual Employee FTE 1.0
Location Name Negotiable AU Location Position Type Casual
Location , Job ID 1108
Posted 02/10/2017 Wage Min 16.5800
Closing Date 07/31/2020 Wage Max 40.2600


The University regularly hires individuals to Casual Positions of a short-term (under 3 months) or sporadic nature.  Casual Positions offer employment flexibility, provide an introduction to the University and gives individuals the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities in a fast-paced, collegial environment.

The Casual Inventory is a key resource that is used by University departments to short list potential candidates for Casual Positions.

It is your responsibility as an applicant to maintain a current profile, such as updating your resume as you obtain new skills and experience.

Your application will be maintained in Human Resources Casual Inventory for a period of six months.  It is your responsibility as an applicant to re-apply to the pool every six months if you choose to remain a candidate for any upcoming casual positions.

If needed, for further information regarding the application process please contact


Casual Positions range from entry level to senior administrative support positions.  Although qualifications for each position vary, the University, as a minimum, requires a high school diploma.  In addition, post-secondary courses or certificates, previous office experience, proficiency with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel) and email, well-developed communication, interpersonal and organizational skills, and the ability to complete accurate work with established deadlines may be required.

Where applicants have equal skills, abilities and experience, candidates who are willing to relocate to the County of Athabasca will be given preference.